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About PlugNPlay

Are you interested in digital tools and are you looking for innovative solutions for everyday issues in your area? Then PlugNPlay will be your new habitat!

PlugNPlay challenges you to come up with creative solutions for your immediate (city) environment, within themes such as ‘Boost your Lockdown’. With a toolbox of sensors and modules you develop your own prototype, or even better a piece of art…

The Tools

In this part of the workshop you will get to know the tools, first digitally and then in real life!

Get to know the tools of the PlugNPlay box.

The basis of PlugNPlay is simply INPUT-OUTPUT. The inspiration tool introduces you to some playful input-output projects. Via the simulation tool, you can immediately share your first project with us.

Via the digital instruction tools you learn to program some PlugNPlay circuits/prototypes.

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